About Me

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I am Sukriti. I blog about almost anything considering its a fun read, the audience are able to connect with it, and it acts as a medium in spreading some goodness and smile in the world.

I intended to start a lifestyle blog but after my professional take on blogging I switched to writing stories from my craft and culture trips, travel blogs for a stunning eco-tourism resort I was associated with as a social media strategist, and the rest boasted of my joyful experiences of my visits to the handful of beautiful towns in India.

I love stumbling upon bookshops, and visiting old libraries where the rusty racks are stacked with rich collection and the musty smell of books welcomes me. Happiness for me lies in reading books, thought dumping, spending time with family, dancing to the tunes of my favorite music, sleeping to the sound of rain on the tin roof and waking up to silence.

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts !

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Happy Reading 🙂