23 things I learned by my 23rd year

There are still 2 months left, for me to hit 24. And by far I haven’t accomplished much. Actually nothing, if you see in the common parameters of measuring success. I have been writing since 2 years but haven’t made a dent on the internet. But by the present moment I have been able to compile a list of learning I attained from both the good and bad experiences in life, and wrapped them up here for you. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

  1. This life is all there is for you. Your body and mind are all you have. Take care of them and make the most of them.
  2. The three greatest traits you can cultivate in yourself, or look for in others, are humility, curiosity and empathy.
  3. You will naturally gravitate towards what you were meant to do given you don’t let anyone sway you otherwise.
  4. Everyone you meet will leave you. Make sure they leave you better than when you found them.
  5. Happiness is overrated. Seek peace (I don’t mean ‘ Death’ here.)
  6. Nothing turns out how you think it will.
  7. We’ve made “love” into a game of escapism, and measure potential partners by how they fit into that fantasy. That’s not love.
  8. Fashion and Modernity should not come at the cost of leaving behind your traditions.
  9. You know that trite advice— comes in a cute little square, posted on Instagram or Pinterest. The kind which reminds you to hashtag BE YOU and tells you with great concern TO STOP GIVING A DAMN. Such advice might make you feel good about yourself for a moment and allow you to take pride in cutting ties with people but they DO NOT contribute to a least bit in making you a better person.
  10. The person you will be in five years is based on the books you read and the people you surround yourself with today.
  11. You demean yourself more by demeaning others.
  12. The greatest gift you can give anyone is your belief in them. The most intimate thing you can do is to allowing the people you love the most to see you at your worst.
  13. Extra can never be enough.
  14. Nobody cares how good you are. They care how good you are for them.
  15. The moment you say, “I give up,” someone else seeing the same situation is saying, “My, what a great opportunity.”
  16. You only have one or two friends, who will feel good when you are happy and successful, feel bad when you are hurt or going through a bad time, and who would walk away from their lives for a little while to help you with yours.  The rest are your well-wishers or the people you socialize with.
  17. It is your duty to give back to society.
  18. There is nothing shameful about being sensitive. It doesn’t make you weak or inadequate or too much. It just means you experience the world a little more intensely. And that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There is strength in being soft.
  19. When you travel for pictures you only bring along loads of photographs worthy of social applause. A chat with the locals or the joy of discovering the cultural facet of that region remains insignificant.
  20. Choose your words carefully. Say something only when you are sure that no other combination of words can win over what you chose to speak.
  21. Your work environment is one of the constants in your life, so keep it pleasant.
  22. The only way to live forever is to densely pack your life with creations, experiences, people and memories, so it would be impossible for someone to know the entirely of you.
  23. Everything you do, and by extension everything you are, is filtered through everything you think, and everything you feel. When you have no filter, you can let all the light in and it becomes easier to care about other people.

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Have a Good Day!








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  1. kandarpjain says:

    nice ! A little simple editing here and there would elevate it a lot !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kandarp. Thanks so much. So happy to hear from you 😊 Will do the necessary alterations.


  2. Dharya rajvanshi says:

    You lil scholar……” I must say little heart say with great experience”
    There’s lot more to experience lot more to explore.
    Keep it up❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much didi ❤️


  3. What a wonderful read !!
    Keep up the good work…😊

    Liked by 2 people

  4. What a wonderful read !! 😊👍

    Liked by 1 person

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