Jilling Terraces – All Snowbound and Iced Up for the Long Weekend

Breathtaking spaces. Delectable meals. Romantic Relaxation.

And the blanket of snow to complement the fore mentioned pleasures as Jilling welcomes the white winters in full glory today.

” The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different and if this is not an enchantment, where is it to be found ? “

– J.B Priestley

From its colonial style architecture to the idyllic rustic elegance perched in the laps of South Gola range of Himalayas, Jilling Terraces is the nearest thing to a bucolic Garden of Eden. Ensconced in the uphills of Matial Village, and inspired by the beautiful flowers and mouthwatering berries of the region, the Chestnut House of Jilling Terraces gracefully blends a contemporary look juxtaposed with modern day luxuries.

Huddled amidst the mountains it serves in abundance an honest, straightforward charm of happiness that creeps up on visitors like a mountain breeze ruffles through the hair. The rooms are tastefully upholstered with choicest furniture, warm lighting, wooden flooring and each one of them offers spectacular views of the valley around.


When it snows, it’s like the entire place has put on a white quilt to wave out the cold. 

The moment you arrive hand-in-hand , you are greeted by our warm and hospitable team. The melody of the cold waves will entice you further inside. The evenings spent near the fireplace with dreamy life tunes of the crackling fire will keep you swaying. The night sky above you. The twinkling stars as your only light – you just need to turn your heads up and then wait for the unforgettable evening to unfold.

There’s a reason that every winter holiday revolves around eating and lights and presents. Without all the jolly distractions, winter can get gloomy really fast. But Luckily, books and places like Jilling exist! And that means that it’s never so cold or dreary or mushy outside that you can’t may your way to a celebrated escape this winter.

And if you haven’t felt it yet, you know where to come.





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