Jilling Terraces – For the fleeting Winter Charm

As we ring in 2018, two New Year resolutions might come to mind – travel more and socialize more setting the social media apart. Turns out the best way to tick off these resolutions is to just give in to the flow and not fight it. In this case, I mean you had to go in support of your instinct and play tourist to fall in love with the places and its people and eventually kill two birds with one stone.

With Christmas right around the corner, Jilling Terraces – a gorgeous mountain retreat tucked in the Himalayas can help you draw in towards its fleeting moments of sheer brilliance and be a great beginning to the New Year.  


Perhaps you might want to spend your getaway in a cozy cottage amidst the mountains. Check out this gorgeous, over-the-top winter rental that will definitely help you enjoy the snowy month ahead.


Chestnut House – an Eco-tourism resort awaits you at an hour ride from Kathgodam, followed by a moderate trek. The trek is not easy but once you will reach , you will know that this mountain retreat was worth every step and it takes some doing to satisfy your wanderlust.


I would recommend stopping from time to time on the way up to catch your breath—you can say you’re bird-watching—because you’re really going to need it when you reach the top, where the views of Nanda Devi and the valley some 7000 feet below are truly breathtaking.

Rusty cheeked Scimitar Babbler

Streaked Woodpecker

On any snowy winter morning, before the sun rises , you might see tea steaming from a large frying pan placed on an open-hearth as Basant bhaiya begins preparing the morning breakfast. It is difficult to compare hearth cooking with cooking on a modern kitchen stove because the open-hearth is so much more than a place to cook. The firelight casts its spell over the room and infuses everything cooked on the hearth with a touch of magic.

Hearth Cooking

You can enjoy tightening your grip around the warm cup of tea while being snowed under your blanket or can make you way to the oak inspired dining to play a game or read a book and defrost your bones sitting by the fireplace. If your idea of surviving snowy winter moves around warm quilts, hot cups of tea and views from window sills despite being an outdoor buff , then this Himalayan haven is sure to win you over its fleeting winter charms.


We all travel for different reasons. I care little for popular sites and activities but I’m a sucker for stories, surprise and serendipity – none of those can be arranged in advance.  But now as I am writing and looking through these images, I can feel a sense of wonder filling my head. Memories of fleeting beauty flood my mind, creating an overwhelming urge to return, in winter once again perhaps.

Would to visit Jilling in Winter ?

Or is summer more appealing to you.


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