Jilling Terraces : Of Books, Coffee and Winters

When you think of your favorite book, you often remember where you were when you first read it. The associations with that book are always precious for you as, along with the characters , and the fascinating plot of that book , you recall a particular chair,  a porch by an ocean, the sweet musty scent of that book and how the words within it elicited all sorts of emotions from you as you walked into the shoes of your favorite fictional character.


If you are a bibliophile and look forward to a cozy reading space where you can grab a book and bundle up under a blanket as you sip a hot cup of cocoa then I have in mind for you a veritable winter escape which offers all a book lover can dream of !

Photo Credit – Avijit Dutta

Between the splendid and mysterious gates of Himalayas awaits Jilling Terraces – a lovely land of adventure which meets you after an  hour-long trek from Matial village, to ignite your soul and leave you stunned with its hypnotic views. Jilling Terraces – an 80-year-old colonial cottage nestled amidst the South Gola range of Himalayas gracefully holds the essence of all the seasons be it the glistening golden lights of summer over the grassy hillside , the dramatic drizzle of the monsoons, the fall of autumn, the winter snow flurries, or the blossom of the springs.


Prep & pack and head to Jilling Terraces this winter to treat your eyes with the gorgeous views of snow-covered peaks and powdery white slopes. Given how temperamental the weather is, you may not get to make wonky snowmen, or go sleighing down a hill. But fret not, at least you can gaze at the white-tipped mountains of Nanda Devi with a steaming cup of tea or coffee, a box of delicious cookies and a book in your hand.

Photo Credit – Vaibhavi Rana

The rooms are tastefully upholstered with choicest furniture, warm lighting, wooden flooring and each one of them offers spectacular views of the valley around. When it snows, it’s like the entire place has put on a white quilt to wait out the cold. Stay indoors, savor yourself with the delicious Kumaoni cuisine , grab a book from the wide collection of classics stacked in the shelves , and enjoy the truly white winter. If you are one of those who like to munch while turning pages , you can find some delicious cookies to make your reading experience wholesome.

Photo Credit – Vaibhavi Rana

With Jilling terraces you get to experience all of your book related fantasies.

Here, you can choose to sit and read on a chair by a roaring fire. The crackling sound of the fire and the warmth will make for wonderful accompaniments of reading. And the fire acts as a kind of hourglass so you can put an another log on dive into another chapter or read until the fire goes out. 

Photo Credit – Vaibhavi Rana

Defining this flawless outer environment for what is usually a solitary, inward activity will always fascinate you and will make you look back to this place with nostalgia.

There’s a reason that every winter holiday revolves around eating and lights and presents. Without all the jolly distractions, winter can get gloomy really fast. But Luckily, books and places like Jilling exist! And that means that it’s never so cold or dreary or mushy outside that you can’t may your way to a celebrated escape this winter.


Through the unexpected sharpness of its frosty mornings, the bitter winder chills, the bulky coats, the total lack of sun, the nights that seem to start in the middle of the afternoon, this place will make you rediscover your love for winters.

Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.







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