Jilling Terraces – Happiness on a Platter

jilling-terraces_nainital1From its colonial style architecture to the idyllic rustic elegance perched in the laps of South Gola range of Himalayas, Jilling Terraces is the nearest thing to a bucolic Garden of Eden. Ensconced in the uphills of Matial Village, and inspired by the beautiful flowers and mouthwatering berries of the region, the Chestnut House of Jilling Terraces gracefully blends a contemporary look juxtaposed with modern day luxuries.

Huddled amidst the mountains it serves in abundance an honest, straightforward charm of happiness that creeps up on visitors like a mountain breeze ruffles through hair.

The exquisite space has all the frills to leave you love struck. The rooms are designed in distinct styles inspired by 6 endemic trees of the region ; Padam, Buransh, Kafal, Oak, Ringol and Utish. The look and feel of each room is upholstered by the owners- Sheela and Rajeev Lunkad with an  urban cool decor married with indigenous furnishings and refurbished interiors to offer a warm and mesmerizing view of the lush mountains.

One arrives in Jilling after an hour-long climb from Matial Village. You will find various pit-stops en route , but the oak and pine forests, bright-red rhododendron blossoms and armies of plum, peach and apricot trees will break the monotony and carpet your way to this wonderland. You can even hire a pony for the last couple of kilometers uphill from Matial. Crisp morning air, chirping birds, and gentle sunshine are complemented here by the snow-capped peaks of Nanda devi which can be viewed straight from the chestnut house.

The house has a kitchenette where the chefs rustles up tasty, earthly food ranging from local Kumaoni cuisine to lip-smacking Chicken momos. All the dishes here are prepared from the local produce of the region. The entire team of Jilling is very warm and hospitable and ensures that your stay is comfortable. Dileep – the estate manager and his wife Bimla, heads the team and are always ready to help and chat with travelers.

Irrespective of the season you choose to visit Jilling, the monotony and solitude of the quiet life here stimulates your creative mind and sets a mood of thankfulness, hope and calmness. The glint of its winter sunlight melts the frost into dew and wipes away the lazy blues, the song of its falling monsoons gets you to snuggle up in bed with a hot cup of tea and a good book , and its summers and autumn lends a brightening and fresh punch of strength and energy with a therapeutic boost.

Like the silence of foggy mornings, gentle, calm and serene , the winds of Jilling will be your friends. They will wail and sigh and croon, the white winds of winter, the green winds of spring, the blue winds of summer, the crimson winds of autumn and the wild winds of all seasons.




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