Regal Splendors of India

A nation’s culture resides in the heart and in the soul of its people – Mahatma Gandhi

Rejoiced in voluptuous and regal splendor throughout its history, walking through luxurious colors, earthly rich materials and showcasing a flamboyant flair divulged in culture and manner, India is a land of kings and emperors. It is the nation whose columns of history is crowded with thousands of monarchs, their majesties and graciousness, serenity and royal highness’s, but this influential past bought with itself the great responsibility of keeping these tales alive. 

Hundreds of vivid pictures of this past can fill your mind, and they would stand out as soon as you visit a particular place associated with them. Of all the things which were crucially involved in making India what it is today, the role of handmade sector of India stood out as something of prime importance. From ornamental craft processes to a blend of traditions and modernity, it left no stone unturned.

Direct Create brings to you some popular wares which are acknowledged by people across the globe :

1. Brass Wares from Moradabad ( The Brass City of India)

Globally acclaimed as the brass city of India, Moradabad is one of the most vibrant places for Indian handicraft exporters. Making handicrafts out of brass is an age old tradition here and brass workers have developed this art to perfection.


The intricate designs, smooth finishing and unadulterated high quality brass has established the city’s reputation as a centre of high quality brassware manufacturing. 

Because of its unmistakable color and sheen, it is used to manufacture countless items ranging from statues and figurines to candle holders, serving dishes, and jewelry. 

A traditional product that needs special mention is the Paandaan, made by casting heavy gauge sheet of brass.

2. Pottery from Khurja( The Ceramic City of India)

Popularly known as the Ceramic City of India , Khurja is located in the Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh and is a home to remarkable work of potteries. Not only it supplies a larger portion of the ceramics and pottery work to our country, but it also exports it to other nations.


The history of Khurja Pottery goes back to 600 years, when some potter families hailed to Khurja during reign of Emperor Mohammad-bin-Tughlak and got this place acknowledged for its eminent works of pottery and ceramic art.


The artisans
follow the basic form and texture of the article along with their own creative excellence while making the
objects. The fine blend of vibrant hues and textures makes these potteries an astounding and spectacular treat for the eyes. The excellent
designs, the texture of the crafted items and the choice of colors add an alluring touch to the clay wares.

3. Brass and Bell Metal Ware from Orissa

The metal handicrafts aced perfection during the reign of Ganga
Dynasty in India. The royal patronage brought extensive
popularity of the products and in course of time the metal crafts began to grow in range
and variety.


Bell metal ware occupies a pride of place in the history of Odisha. The artisans of Brass and Bell metal are traditionally called “Kansari”. They propagate ancient and modern method of manufacturing utensils and decorative items which are of traditional shape. These items are used in temples and houses for religious and other purposes. These vessels are used during auspicious occasions and are part of most Indian households, and also given as dowry.


Highly recommended by traditional medicine texts, utensils of bell metal are considered to be the best suited for everyday use as well as for ritual offerings to the Gods. Kitchen ware made of brass metal is still a prestigious part of a bride’s dowry, signifying her family’s economic status.

The craft landscape of India is made up of numerous types of applications: from the vernacular objects of daily use that are rough-hewn from local materials to the celebrated objects of symbolic value that are used for special occasions and religious functions. Each culture has much to offer and India is full of precious nuggets of traditional wisdom that can be applied to local uses or even global exchange.          



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